Despite the fact that the economy in South Africa has taken a major dip into the red, there will always be room for small building contractors and home improvement contractors to ply their trades.

Home improvement is the best anyone can do to raise the financial profile on their property, so that when the markets turn towards sellers, the property becomes highly attractive to buyers.

This applies to residential and commercial properties. The upkeep of any property needs the services of home improvement contractors committed to ethical business practice, especially in the face of many fly-by-night operators.

Service excellence and pride in workmanship is the mark of a building contractor or home improvement contractor in South Africa, especially since this type of workmanship is source for bringing in new customers.

On average, the man in the street doesn’t know much about building or renovating, which means that he’s easy to fleece.

That is until the contractor has left and trouble starts manifesting in areas that were supposed to have been done, without any need to call the contractor in again, if you can find him!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been plying your trade for years already, the fastest way to get yourself out into the market is to have quality leads to follow up on, leads that are the very lifeblood of your journey up the ladder of success.

There are many lead generation companies that sell leads, however, the majority of them simply sell you generic leads, mostly sourced in a less than ethical way, and they send them to so many customers that the leads become redundant.

That’s if they even had any real value to start with! This is tantamount to flushing your money down the you-know-what with absolutely no return, either financially or in quality.

Quickleads is a lead generation company in Gauteng that’s slowly but surely spreading this awesome system of hot, live leads captured and delivered fresh off the press to other major cities in South Africa as well.

This team, backed by many years’ worth of experience in online marketing, got together and brainstormed an effective way to cut down on the fortune small building contractors and home improvement contractors spend on bespoke online marketing strategies.

For every contractor spending a huge chunk of change on marketing, the Quickleads system presents these small contractors with a minimum fee gained by selecting a lead package that suits their pocket, and watching those leads increase sales almost immediately.

Here’s an example of what the Quickleads system does to cut down on your advertising costs completely:

If you install solar geysers, the Quickleads team sets up a website that includes a few other solar geyser installers, so that the fortune you would each have spent on a bespoke marketing campaign is spread amongst a few of you.

Naturally the leads will go to Quickleads customers in their specific area of operation, so you may be working in the area of Sandton and another in Orange Grove, which means that you’ll both get leads that direct customers to your specific areas.

Quickleads gives you full control of your account in every way, so that whether you need to change an industry or area, update contact details and even to pause and resume your account, it’s all there in the palm of your hand.

You can control your account completely, no matter where you are, 24 hours a day.

Give yourself the very best jumpstart by contacting Quickleads today to find out more about the authentic leads they deliver to you instantly, via email and SMS.

On a last note; Quickleads never sends sales leads to more than 4 competitors in your industry and area of operation. Your only job is to make the call before your competitors to get in on the ground floor of a customer enquiry online, Quickleads does everything else behind the scenes.



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