The Challenge

How do we help small to medium size businesses grow without having to create bespoke marketing campaigns for each one of them at an enormous cost? How do we help ensure that our customers pay for actual enquiries, rather than wasted views and clicks?

The Solution

Quickleads has taken the online marketing business and turned it on it’s head. We offer you, our customers, a simple and effective solution. Pay just for actual enquiries from customers in the market right now to buy your product / service. Granular control over your account to allow you to pause / resume, change areas, change industries, update contact details whenever you like, from anywhere in the world.

Complete Control

We Rethought Everything

Since launching our new customer portal in early 2017, we’ve had:


Increase In Customers


Increase In Repeat Customers

Industries Available

Amazing Service

New Customer Portal Boosted Customer Satisfaction Over 60%

Receive Leads On The Go

Get all your leads delivered to you via email and SMS. You can also handle your account on the go by visiting the mobile friendly customer portal.

Rebuilt From the Inside Out

We re-developed the customer portal and underlying lead distribution system from the ground up. Everything we’ve built was done with you in mind.

Incredible Return On Investment

The numbers sound too good to be true, but we’ve had reports of companies getting a return on investment of over 38,710%. Yes, you read that right, thirty eight thousand percent! That’s closed deals worth over R1,200,000 from lead bundles as cheap as R3100.

  • Mobile Sales 73% 73%
  • Website Traffic 52% 52%
  • Conversion Rate 36% 36%
  • Active Customers 58% 58%

The Results Have Been Amazing

With the amazing new control we’ve given our customers over their own accounts, we’ve had a wealth of positive feedback, and the numbers to back it up. Join the revolution. You could be receiving leads within hours.

We're In This Together. Grow With Us.

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