The NEW Cherry Picking Lead system enables companies to pick and choose any of our excess leads they wish to buy.

Exciting, hey?

Quickleads customers can now be in control of the leads they purchase. Get additional leads that meet your business needs!

NB!! NOTE!!! Our current “Automatic Buying” system will still very much be in motion! In fact the Automatic Buying system will get preference to the fresh leads. If the current system is working for you there is no need to change!

The Cherry Picker is just an extra way to purchase leads.

How it works? 5 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up for A Quickleads account *here* if you haven’t already?
  2. Choose your Campaigns (Industries) and Areas
  3. Upload your company documents
  4. Top Up Your account by choosing a lead package invoice
  5. Use your credits to buy the leads you are interested in!

For more information simply give us a call on 087 806 4421 or send us an email