Quickleads is a lead generation company that delivers exactly what its name says; quick quality leads for home improvement contractors in South Africa, without any major costs or hassle attached.

As far as generating quality leads at hyper speed is concerned, the team at Quickleads has refined their system so much so, that you can rely on the fact that you won’t be sent any dud leads to sort through at all.

A lot of small building contractors and home improvement contractors work hard at gathering leads wherever they can, but at the end of the day, quantity is no guarantee of quality.

You could have a hundred leads, get all excited about them, only to find that only 10% are of any value.

Think of the amount of money you spend on advertising to raise the profile of your company and to keep it at a high level.

Once you have a figure in mind, think about the fact that there are a lot of other home improvement contractors that are also spending a chunk on advertising, out of individual budgets.

What if you all put your budgets into a website that was rigged to the specific trade you represent, sharing the costs but keeping the competition as healthy as it would be without a website central to your trade.

Any consumers searching for your services in their area are going to find you all online anyway, which makes it no different to what you’d experience by sharing the costs.

The Quickleads team does just this for you, with eyes closed.

With over 7 years’ worth of experience, and a wealth of knowledge where it comes to online marketing, Quickleads has mastered the art of helping home improvement contractors to grow their companies, without digging too deep into the budget.

Leads for home improvement contractors happen like this at Quickleads:

Quote requests websites:

Quickleads already owns or manages websites that are specific to over 30 trades in the home improvements industry, which means your trade is more than likely already listed.

If it’s not, just contact the team and they’ll definitely see what they can do to generate leads for your industry.

Expert Online Marketing:

At a tiny fraction of what it would cost for you to set up a bespoke online marketing campaign, Quickleads does it all for you, using different online marketing techniques and SEO to drive customers to these websites…and it works!

Instant delivery:

The details listed on the quote requests are captured online in one of three ways: live chat, online form or phone.  These quote requests become the leads sent on to you instantly.

This means you get the quote requests while they’re still live and actionable.  All you have to do is follow up as quickly as possible and clinch the deal.

4 Lead packages:

The leads for home improvement contractors start with the Starter or Basic Package, and then move on to the Standard or Bulk Lead Package.

You’ll know exactly which will suit your current budget to start with, after which you can always move up to a bigger package. The bigger the package, the less you’ll pay per lead!

Start today:

There are only three easy steps you need to take to have instant access to high quality leads; create your account online, request an invoice and make your payment.

The moment the Quickleads team receives proof of payment, your account will be credited and activated!  It’s as simple as that to start building your business, without unnecessary advertising costs.

Sign up today and try it out.  Quickleads customers will be more than happy to share their success stories with you, if you have any doubts about just how easy it is to get your hands on genuine leads for home improvement contractors.

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