6 Years and hundreds of thousands of fresh sales leads later, Quickleads is still going strong and supplying many satisfied clients with hot off the press sales leads that have taken clients to the top of their respective industries.

The real-time sales leads generated by Quickleads are fresh, based on people who are genuinely in the market for your services or products, and, as with everything else in our fast paced world, nobody wants to wait for a response, which means that you have a real edge on your competitors when you take a sales lead received from Quickleads and run with it as soon as you receive the lead via sms or email.

Quickleads provides you with the freshest sales leads, but it is up to you to convert these leads to sales, which is why the Quickleads team stresses that the sooner you respond the better your chances will be at beating your competitors to the sale.  The leads sent to you by Quickleads will only be sent to a maximum of 4 service providers in your industry, which really does give you a head start if you and your sales team are on the ball.

It is very important to take into account that any sales lead typically only has a shelf life of between 5 to twenty minutes, so if you are planning on earning a reputation for superb customer service and converting more leads to sales than ever before, you need to keep a close watch on your timing!

The leads sent to you by Quickleads are gathered from many websites owned and managed by this innovative team of SEO experts, able to capture thousands of leads from over 25 000 unique page views, which are then driven to ‘Quote Requests’ websites owned by Quickleads, which means that the leads that show up in your inbox are as fresh as a fish just landed!

Check out the Quickleads website to view their tips on making the most of your Quickleads package and in-depth information about this fantastic leads generation service.

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