On average, any tradesman who owns a small to medium business can’t afford to have staff on the payroll whose only focus is to source sales leads.

This places the onus on the employer and tradesmen in the company to drum up business, and still manage day to day projects.

Doing the work, bringing in leads, contacting and qualifying these leads all take a toll on anyone basing their business on service excellence, which is the only way to get ahead anyway!

So, how do tradesmen actually benefit by outsourcing lead generation to Quickleads?

  • No contracts, no commitments:

Quickleads offers simple, straight-forward sales lead packages to over 30 different trades in South Africa.  There’s nothing complicated about this system of lead generation; you receive the lead and move on it as quickly as possible, giving your company the best possible chance of converting it.

There are absolutely no commitments or contracts involved when you purchase a sales lead bundle from Quickleads, and payment options are just as uncomplicated!

  • Trusted lead generation:

Many Quickleads customers have been purchasing lead bundles from this dedicated team for over six years already, growing alongside Quickleads as the years have gone by.

It’s important to know that the team you trust to send you high-quality leads counts your success as part of their own success, making it a win-win partnership based on transparency.

  • Massive savings on marketing:

Instead of investing in an expensive online marketing campaign tailored to suit only your company, Quickleads spreads marketing costs across multiple businesses that offer the same services as you do.

Having consistently worked hard in the background to deliver expert online marketing campaigns in various forms, using websites developed specifically for each trade, Quickleads is able to provide leads at prices that are unbeatable.

The bottom line of this system of lead generation system is that you land affordable leads, without having to pay for clicks and views on your website that lead nowhere.

  • Real inquiries in real-time:

As a result of websites created for various trades, owned or managed by Quickleads, the inquiries that’ll arrive via email and SMS are the real thing.

When you get a lead from Quickleads, it means that there’s a customer out there who’s still in a buying frame of mind, ready to invest in your services!

This is real-time, live, hot, fresh-from-the-oven stuff, and you don’t get better than that! All you need to do is to knock two other competitors out of the game by getting to the potential customer first.

Why two other competitors?  Because Quickleads will send the same leads out to 2 other companies in your trade and area of operation, but no more than that!

  • Complete control:

Your sales lead package from Quickleads is yours, and yours alone, to do with as you please.  If you’d like to pause your package at any stage, you go right ahead and do it. Resuming is just as easy.

Many tradesmen do this when business really starts picking up and they need time to catch up. After all, if service excellence is as important to you as it should be, you don’t want to have to rush projects.

Quickleads designed this lead generation system to help small to medium businesses grow, without having to spend a fortune on marketing alone!

You can also change areas, industries and update contact details at any time, from anywhere in the world.  If you’ve finally taken that well-earned holiday on a tropical island, as long as you have internet reception, you have carte blanche with your account.

Explore Quickleads:

These points are really just the basics, but if you want to see transparency at its best, all you need do is explore the Quickleads website.  The first thing you’ll see is a list of 25 real leads – minus contact details naturally!

Here you can watch exactly how the enquiries for various websites developed for each industry as you refresh the page, and you can also find out more about what it really means to your success to invest in a sales lead package from Quickleads!

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