If this is the case, you’re about to find out exactly what Quickleads can do for you to grow your business, without the need for you to break into a sweat about advertising costs associated with print ads or bespoke online marketing campaigns.

Yes, it’s the world of the internet that consumers turn to when they are looking for a specific service in their area, however, if your online presence is not visible enough, you are unlikely to get much by way of quote requests or online enquiries simply by having a website.

This is why so much emphasis is placed on ‘bespoke’ online marketing strategies, which, when put together well, are designed to move you up the rankings of search engines, so that you stand out when you need to.

However, by the time you have put a serious dent in your budget, especially if you are in the first stages of a small start-up, or aiming for more as a medium business, you aren’t going to have much in the way of enquiries. It takes a long time for any small company website to start making inroads into generating leads and enquiries sorely needed.

Quickleads has taken all this strain off the shoulders of small start-ups and medium businesses, making it inexpensive for every small tradesman to source solid, fresh leads without having to go to the expense of an online marketing plan that may or may not lead to new business.

How does Quickleads do this?

Affordably, simply and at high speed, for a start!

Quickleads is made up of a team of experienced online marketing fundi’s who know exactly how hard it is to get a small to medium business off the ground. This means that you have a team managing and optimising marketing campaigns designed with your specific trade in mind, without incurring the cost of a campaign put together solely for your business alone – the cost, in effect, gets spread among you and others in your trade, in different areas of operation of course.

How does Quickleads generate sales leads for you?

It’s simpler than you may think.  With 29 trades already registered with Quickleads, this team sets up websites linked to your specific trade, and with carefully targeted online marketing campaigns, drives anyone looking for a quote directly to these websites.

On these websites, consumers fill in online quote request forms, which are the leads that are sent to you via email or SMS the instant they are received by Quickleads.

An example of how Quickleads would work for you:

If, for instance, you are involved in painting, Quickleads creates a website rigged towards painting, and, with clever tweaking here and there in online marketing strategies, this website quickly moves up the ranks of search engines, driving consumers straight to these ‘quote requests’ websites.

What happens when a consumer submits a quote request on these well-constructed, user-friendly websites designed for various trades?

These quote requests received by Quickleads are sorted by a super-clever, super-fast sorting system designed by the team to ensure that all dud leads are disposed of before sending best leads to you and two other businesses in your trade, and in your area.

Obviously, if you manage to beat the competition to responding to these leads, it stands to reason that you will pull ahead of them very quickly!

In conclusion:

…..and in short!  Quickleads takes the stress of having to source leads yourself, delivering quote requests and enquiries (leads) directly to you in real-time, while they are still hot off the press!

You will have complete control over your lead bundle.  No commitments or contracts will tie you up either – there isn’t an easier way to keep the leads coming in than to chat to the team at Quickleads and get started on the best leads in South Africa any tradesman could hope for.


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