For our first blog entry, we thought we would talk about one of the most important factors when dealing with the real-time leads that we generate, the speed at which you get back to people.

The way our lead generation service works is that you get leads as and when they come through to us, what we call “live leads”. These leads are not just sent to you, but up to 3 other companies at a time. One of the best ways of closing that lead is to be the first one to respond. Excellent customer service begins by being fast. The story doesn’t end there however, customers know when they are simply receiving an automatic response, so it’s always best to send a quick email reply, then give the customer a call to find out more about what they are looking for. A lot of companies think that winning the deal is all about having the lowest price, but this is often not the deciding factor. Most consumers are more than willing to pay a bit extra for service that goes the extra mile.

Some of the team at have been busy in our spare time creating a tool that will help companies the world over monitor, improve and show off their reply times. was officially launched at the beginning of February 2015, and offers a simple website widget which will allow you to show off how fast you actually respond to website inquiries. It also offers a dashboard from which you can monitor each individual website inquiry and the associated response time, as well as host of other features.

While we haven’t implemented the system ourselves yet, we are considering implementing this as an internal system so that we can monitor all our lead buyers and see who responds quickly.¬†In time we plan on¬†incentivising each months quickest responders.

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