Is it possible to spend as little as R3 100 to close deals worth approximately R1,200,000? Absolutely! Quickleads makes this return on investment invaluable by doing all the hard work of marketing your services on many websites owned and managed by a team of experienced online marketing fundis.

Quickleads is definitely not an overnight sensation, these guys have put a lot of research into developing and tweaking a system of lead delivery that has brought great success to many clients over the six years that Quickleads has been in the industry, delivering hassle-free, fresh hot-off-the-press sales leads created for the success of a myriad of industries.

Start-ups and small to medium businesses have gained amazing value for money and growth by selecting the right lead bundle to suit their budgets, and with bundles that range from basic to bulk, there is a lead bundle that will definitely take make a huge difference to the growth of your business.

What’s more, you have full control of the industries and areas you select to give your business the widest exposure across a wide range of services, leaving the management of optimised online marketing campaigns in the hands of the specialists at Quickleads to make the most of your services.

Live leads are generated from websites aimed specifically at your industry via online quote requests, websites that are marketed in such a way as to drive a major bulk of the hundreds of thousands of people using the internet daily in order to find services they require in their area.

Part of the control that you have over your Quickleads bundle is that you can, at any time, pause or resume your package, change areas or industries and update details 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, with the hassle of generating these leads yourself taken off your hands completely!

If you are chomping at the bit to start receiving hot leads within seconds of an online enquiry, make sure you take a tour through the Quickleads website and choosing your lead bundle to get ready to take the lead in your industry!

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