So, you’re starting a new small business.  The question is; how to spread the word and get your services out into the marketplace without spending a fortune for an online marketing campaign designed just for your website.

It can easily add up to a small fortune when you carry the costs of a targeted online marketing campaign on your own, and there is no guarantee at all that you won’t be wasting the money on website views and clicks that go nowhere, and certainly don’t give you enough leads to work with.

Quickleads takes all this financial strain off your shoulders by providing you with real-time, live, hot-leads that literally drop online enquiries from customers on your doorstep, via email and SMS.

Since Quickleads knows how hard it is for small to medium businesses to access viable leads, they have also made sure that there is a lead bundle to suit all budgets – you can start with a Starter Lead Bundle, and, when things start moving, move on up to the Basic Lead Bundle or Standard Lead Bundle.

There is also the option of really making your pennies count by signing up for a Bulk Lead Bundle, since the bigger the bundle, the less each lead costs.

And we aren’t talking about Mickey Mouse sales leads here.  This is the real deal.  The leads that are generated by Quickleads are actionable leads that will make sure you get to the customer while they are still ready to spend their money with you.

You have full control over your lead bundle from the Quickleads online dashboard.

The options available include the selection of any amount of industries relating to your trade, as well as having the power to change your area of operation or industry if you need to.

Pausing and resuming your account is a cinch from the online dashboard, which allows you to make any of these changes, which include changing or updating contact details 24/7, whether you are lying on the beach in Mauritius, relaxing on your couch or moving between projects!

Quickleads does all the work for you in the background, managing and optimising marketing campaigns for websites designed to suit your trade and owned or managed by this experienced team of online marketers.

In effect, Quickleads has made it easy for small to medium tradesmen to share the cost of the best type of online marketing available, while owners focus on other aspects of growing a business.

You will receive your leads within minutes of them coming in for processing and sorting by a custom-built lead distribution site designed by the Quickleads team, and this sorting process takes mere seconds.

Once this is done and all bad leads have been rejected, Quickleads distributes these leads via email and SMS to up to 3 other tradesmen in your area of operations and trade, giving you the opportunity to beat all competitors to the winning post!

Contact Quickleads today to cut down completely on the costs associated with marketing any small to medium business – the returns far outweigh the small investment that comes with no strings attached!

Focus on the day to day work involved in growing your business, knowing that you will have the best leads coming in to take you further, faster!

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