Anyone that’s ever started a small business related to services offered for home renovations will tell you that finding viable leads to convert into sales, is one of the toughest roadblocks on the way to success.

Starting the business means that you need to focus on the practicalities of being out on site. Irrespective of your trade, you’ll have to start building a reputation for excellence from day one, which means you can’t just leave it all to your workforce and hope for the best.

In the course of setting up and running your own business, there are a million and one things that need to be done, which means that little time is left in which to source leads.

The best way of accessing leads is through your day to day contact with clients who’ll be happy to recommend you to others, however, this can take a long time initially, leading to periods during which you may have no work.

Leads are the lifeblood for any business, but especially so for small tradesmen, and Quickleads has developed a system that is simple and cost effective, offering quality leads for home improvement contractors in South Africa.

Quickleads takes a no-nonsense approach to saving their clients the huge expense of marketing campaigns that are seldom worth the investment.

This is a system that creates an umbrella for various trades in terms of these marketing campaigns, meaning that instead of each trade pouring hard-earned cash into bespoke marketing campaigns, each trade a central home at Quickleads.

The websites set up by Quickleads have led to fantastic growth for their customers, which is in line with the fact that this team believes that their success is determined by the success enjoyed by these clients.

With over thirty trades already listed on their website, Quickleads has completely turned marketing for small tradesmen right on its head, offering fresh leads at a fraction of what would be spent on marketing to bring in these leads.

Having already generated over 200 000 leads for small building contractors, Quickleads is continuously finding fresh new ways to drive customers to the websites owned and managed by them, making sure that the leads they send are instant and fresh.

The entire concept behind this fantastic system is to provide leads for small building contractors the moment anyone makes enquiries related to the services offered by the contractor.

This also means that once Quickleads has received the enquiry and filtered out any dud leads, within seconds, they are instantly sent on to the tradesman offering the service required.

It takes just three easy steps to have access to the very best leads for building contractors in South Africa:

  1. Choose between the Starter, Basic, Standard or Bulk lead packages, bearing in mind that the bigger the package, the less each lead costs.
  2. Create your Quickleads account without having to jump through hoops to get going, or getting trapped in contracts that never end.
  3. Request your invoice and you’ll be on your way to quality leads that’ll increase your turnover almost immediately.

The question is; why wait?  Create your account today to find out why Quickleads customers keep coming back six years later.

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