An absolute must-have for any tradesman is a web presence with a website, however, despite the fact that there are relatively inexpensive routes to take to get the website done, what happens with that after this site is even more important.

If you have set up a website, the next step you need to take is to find ways to drive consumers to your website, either for enquiries or quotes, which is where it starts becoming expensive.

Marketing companies will approach you with great ideas for online marketing strategies, which often includes things like PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, which in leads to expensive clicks that go nowhere, leaving you stranded and right back to having a website that generates little or no sales leads.

Things like PPC, search engine optimisation and tailored online marketing is a language most of us will never understand, which is why Quickleads has developed a lead generation system that provides you with real time, hot leads that have already been filtered for duds and sent on to you instantly.

Sales leads for small tradesmen in South Africa are hard to come by, especially if your website remains static and just another pretty face that never features in the rankings on Google, making you invisible to thousands of consumers that search for your specific trade online.

Sourcing genuine leads is made straightforward and simple with Quickleads, your only job is to select your lead bundle, go about your business and get ready for live, hot leads that are sent via email and SMS while they are still fresh.

Consumers today are impatient, they know what they are looking for and are not willing to waste any time finding a tradesman in their area able to respond quickly to their enquiry – leave it too long and they move on to your competitor with no hesitation.

So, to the short of how to source leads to grow your business as a tradesman.

Quickleads sets up websites that are related to your industry, sets up various kinds of marketing to drive consumers to these websites, where the ‘quote request’ online forms are filled in and sent directly to Quickleads.

On arrival, these quote requests, which are the sales leads that will be sent to you, are sorted at super-high speed by a custom-built generation system, cleared of useless leads and instantly sent you to at lightning speed.

These leads are distributed to only up to 3 other tradesmen in your area of operation and trade, giving you the opportunity to beat your competitors to the finish line by responding quickly to these requests or enquiries.

You want to catch the attention of people while they are still in a buying frame of mind, and there is no better way to do this than starting with excellent customer service, laying the groundwork for the successful growth of your business without the extra sweat of trying to understand the mechanics of bespoke online marketing campaigns – which can break the bank before you even start getting anywhere!

In just a few easy steps, without sweating it, you’ll be on your way to sales leads that will definitely be great for morale and the growth of your business.

Create your Quickleads account today, buy a simple lead bundle that suits your budget and get ready to join many satisfied customers who have relied on these hot off-the-press, real time sales leads for years already!

You deserve to have at least one aspect of your business made easier, and the online marketing experience of the Quickleads team will help you to move in the right direction without contracts or commitments you can’t get out of.

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