Would you like sales leads generated for you without the need to spend a fortune on tailor made marketing campaigns?  Leads that are sent to you via email or SMS with the purchase of a simple lead bundle that does not tie you into contracts and long winded commitments?  If you answer is yes and you have a small to medium business then Quickleads is perfect for you!

The team at Quickleads have been supplying sales leads to a wide variety of industries for six years already, committed to making it easier for small to medium businesses to access real leads instead of paying for expensive clicks and views that never lead anywhere.  Quickleads has been on a perpetual quest to streamline their lead bundles, making it as accessible as possible for anyone wanting to move their sales into a higher dimension.

Quickleads has had reports of companies getting a return on investment of over 38%, which translates to closed deals worth over R 1,200,000 from lead bundles purchased from Quickleads for as little as R 3,100.00!  Another great thing about the lead packages offered by Quickleads is that you can buy the lead package that suits your pocket, but, as with most anything else, the more you invest, the more you get out and the cheaper each lead becomes.  You also have complete control over choosing any amount of industries and areas, as well as pause, resume, change areas or industries and update contact details 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world.

As soon as a customer enquires about a service, Quickleads will instantly send the details on to you via email and SMS, and you are also able to add a second set of contact details for free.  Quickleads lead packages are based on the targeting and capturing of details of thousands of people who are searching online for the service or product your business provides, all of which is gathered from the many websites owned and managed by the Quickleads team and then passed on to you instantly.

Please visit the Quickleads website to watch in real-time as leads come in, these guys have been in the world of online marketing and market research for so long that all it takes is a quick tour of their lead packages to grasp the benefits of the hard work they have put into making life a lot easier for small to medium businesses!

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