Things have been on the up and up for thousands of home improvements contractors in South Africa that have benefitted from signing up with Quickleads for the hottest, freshest leads available today.

Gone are the days of spending small fortunes on bespoke marketing campaigns that seldom, if ever, produce returns worthy of the money spent on them.

Today, with the innovative thinking of the team behind the scenes at Quickleads, it’s faster than ever to grow a start-up home improvements business, without forking out a major chunk of change for online advertising campaigns.

It’s a simple matter of signing up and taking immediate advantage of fresh leads delivered at lightning speed on the go, and then moving on these leads fast enough to make sure the sales are yours.

What’s on offer from Quickleads are reliable, quick, high quality leads for home improvements contractors at a fraction of the cost of canvassing for leads, or sending people out on the road to gather them in.

The unfortunate thing about bringing in leads the old fashioned way is that it takes up a lot of your time that could otherwise be spent on site with every contract, whether it’s a new building you’re erecting or a solar system you’re installing.

Another negative to this system of getting leads is that more often than not, the leads have gone cold by the time you’re able to contact the potential customers.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for a leads package from Quickleads:

Entry level to bulk lead packages

You may just be starting out and may not yet need a bulk lead package, which is why the guys at Quickleads have made four simple, affordable lead packages available for their customers.

You can select what suits you best from this stable, trusted lead generation company, whether it’s the Starter, Basic, Standard or Bulk package. Naturally of course, the bigger the package, the cheaper the leads!

You’ll receive fresh leads on the go

Within seconds of receiving quote requests from websites set up and managed by the team at Quickleads, you’ll have leads delivered to you via email and SMS. You’ll be growing your business on the run, in a way you may not have imagined possible!

Plus! There won’t be any dud leads left in amongst the good stuff!

You’ll have 24/7 complete control over your account

Quickleads has already supplied over 200 000 leads to home improvements contractors in South Africa, and, along with almost 30 trades already represented, you’ll be able to select your industry and area very simply.

You can spread your name across any industry that pertains to the service you offer, and select your areas of operation with ease, and, if needs be, easily change and update any of the information necessary on the go, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

It’s simple to sign up

You won’t be jumping through any hoops to lay your hands on a Quickleads package! Sign up for the lead package you’ve chosen, request an invoice, and with all the easy payment options on offer from this team, you’ll be up and running instantaneously!

Are you ready to grab the hottest leads for home improvements contractors in South Africa? If so, take an easy cruise through the Quickleads website and get ready for a growth spurt that’ll take you up another level of success as a small building contractor!



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