The economy is tough right now and business all over South Africa are struggling. That said, consumers are still buying products and services which means that it’s not completely dead. So why is your business fighting to keep head above water if your products and services are excellent? You might be taking the wrong approach when trying to find new clients.

People are bombarded with ads and people who try to sell them stuff they don’t need all the time. It’s a hassle to keep saying no thank you to everyone you see. But how do you reach the people who actually want the product or service you offer? We’ll answer that question in a minute.

People believe that sales is a numbers game. The more people you reach the more chance you have of finding people who need what you have to offer. While it might have worked in the past, cold calling isn’t exactly as successful at securing clients these days. Because we’re tired of saying no thanks.

So, to get back to the million dollar question – how to find people who need your service or product – you need to generate leads.

How to Generate Leads

Generating quality leads have never been easier. At Quickleads we offer a lead generation service for all home improvement contractors in South Africa. Whether you offer painting services, kitchen renovations, solar power installations, we can help you find new clients.

All you have to do is buy credits and you can start receiving leads. One credit equals one lead. These quality service related leads will be delivered right to your inbox. And you have the decision whether to contact the potential customer or not.

Businesses have seen a 58% growth in new clients and an 84% growth in returning clients, just by using this simple yet effective lead generation service.

Don’t get left behind, purchase your credits today and start receiving leads today!

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