The question the team of experienced online marketers and web designers asked themselves before they even put the Quickleads sales lead generation system together was;

  • How to take the financial strain of bespoke marketing campaigns each small company had to survive, just to make enough of a mark for themselves to generate sales leads from their website?

Paid views and clicks on your website are a complete waste of the financial burden you already carry as a small business in a highly competitive, fast-paced web based business environment.

These never lead to actual enquiries that can be converted to much-needed sales, but you still have to keep paying if you are locked into any contract.

  • After much brainstorming and research, the answer the team had to the question of making it affordable for small tradesmen in South Africa to grow their businesses, minus the major expense of tailored marketing campaigns, was to change the face of online marketing through sheer simplicity and affordability!

Quickleads has been nurtured and grown with as much attention to detail as you take in growing your own business, keeping up with a constantly evolving business web environment in order to provide you with the best lead generation system in South Africa!

They take the stress of trying to negotiate the online world you do not have time for, while you’re caught up in the busyness of each day, lifting the burden off your shoulders and presenting you with the whole package you need to drum up business, without running yourself ragged.

Imagine how exciting it would be to have authentic, real time, hot leads delivered to you on the go via SMS and email?

Then imagine that all it would take is a few simple steps that will introduce you to sales lead bundles that will make a real difference to your bottom line – and give you much-needed breathing space.

Quickleads does all this work for you in the background, presenting you with leads that are generated from ‘quote request’ websites owned and managed by the team, websites that are directly related to your industry.

Using a toolbox chocka-block with various types of marketing, Quickleads is able to attract some of the thousands of consumers that search online for your services every day, getting you a lot further than you would with just your company website and an expensive tailored marketing campaign!

While it is essential that you have a company website representing you on the internet, unless you spend a fortune, you will not be generating much in the way of actual, actionable leads – and you’ll be right back at paying for wasted clicks and views!

The success of your business is important to Quickleads, it is the measure of their own success after all.

This means you have a dedicated team working hard to make sure that the sales lead bundles you receive virtually the instant an enquiry is made online are real time, hot leads ready for you to run with.

If you are a tradesman in any of the 29 industries already listed on the Quickleads website, you are in for a treat, both in terms of affordable lead bundles and simplicity.

The super-supportive team at Quickleads is only too happy to share your journey to success, from the day you create your account online, select the lead bundle you’d like and take complete control over your account!

This is really what no mess, no fuss means for small business marketing, in action!

From here on in, you have a playing field that gives you the space to spread your business across any combination of industries and areas of operation, add, change or update contact details, and, most off all, have access to your account via the online portal wherever you go, 24/7.

Once you have taken a gander at everything Quickleads has to offer with their approach to sales lead generation system, rethinking your marketing will be a breeze!

Oh, and if your industry is not listed, contact the team; if it’s possible, they’ll find a way to put you on the web map.

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