There is a ceiling every small to medium business owner bangs their head against where it comes to marketing their services or products, a ceiling above which only the ‘big’ guys can play, and in the age of the internet and online marketing, it is an invisible ceiling created to separate those who have big money to throw at tailored online marketing campaigns without feeling it, and those who have nothing but the will, talent and courage to step out on their own, below that ceiling!

The reality is that if your business cannot be found on the internet when any one of the hundreds of thousands of potential customers searching the web for a service or product you offer, no leads will be generated and no enquiries will be on their way to you!

The team at Quickleads recognised this a long time ago and set about creating a lead generation system that would give small to medium business the same opportunities, minus the exorbitant costs of bespoke marketing campaigns, and it works!

Quickleads is open about the success their long term customers have enjoyed through the delivery of instant fresh leads straight to inboxes and mobile devices via SMS; it’s well worth checking out what some of those customers have to say on the Quickleads website before you even start the journey of understanding how Quickleads puts its lead generation packages together!

Generating real leads is one of the toughest parts of running your own business, and if you are just starting out, it’s even tougher to get your name out into the marketplace on a minimal budget, however, a lead package from Quickleads will have leads coming in almost immediately, and at a cost that makes absolute financial sense.

To get an idea of what these costs look like let’s take a look at the basics that make up the starter lead package from Quickleads:

For the total price of R1 125.00 (incl. VAT) you will receive 15 credits, which works out to 75 cents per credit, and each credit (for most industries) equals 1 lead – the bottom line; 15 hot, fresh, live leads that are actual enquiries, every month!  This is nowhere near the price you would pay for a bespoke marketing campaign!

Once you have your lead package from Quickleads, you have total control over your account; this control allows you to change areas, pause or resume your package, change industries or update contact details, from anywhere in the world, at any time!

With 29 industries already listed on the Quickleads website (which just keeps growing!), it is obvious to see that all the hard work this team puts into managing and optimising marketing campaigns behind the scenes will provide you with a bona fide end result; dropping real leads at your doorstep, with minimal hassle on your part!

Let the team at Quickleads introduce you to how they go about setting up websites related to your industry, using their innate knowledge of online marketing to get people to those sites, where they fill in quote request forms or contact forms that then become the leads sent to you!

One last word before you go on to explore the innovative approach to lead generation taken by Quickleads – NO dud leads will be sent to you – they are sorted by a custom built lead generation system instantly, so that what you get is the real thing – customers who are in the market right then and there, ready to invest in your services or products!

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