One of the first questions you ask yourself when you are starting up a small business is how to get the word out into the marketplace without sinking yourself into debt before you even have lift-off! Targeted and tailor made marketing campaigns can cost you a small fortune, and you will be paying for views or clicks that never lead anywhere, which is definitely not a good way to get started.

Quickleads has taken all that strain and stress off your shoulders by setting up lead packages, real, live, hot leads, that range from the Basic to Bulk, all of which allow you full control over the amount of industries and areas you select, whether you would like to pause or resume your package, change industries or areas and update contact details 24hrs a day, no matter where you are in the world.

Quickleads has streamlined the process of collecting real leads so that the hassle of generating new leads yourself is taken out of your hands completely by a team who are specialists in online marketing.   The Quickleads team does all the work in terms of managing and optimising marketing campaigns that lead to their ability to provide you with hot, live customer enquiries direct from many websites owned and managed by Quickleads.

The moment an enquiry comes through the Quickleads websites that are related to your industry, it is processed and sorted by the Quickleads custom-built lead generation distribution site, and once any bad leads are taken out, these leads will be sent out instantly to no more than 4 companies via email and SMS, based on their industry and area of operations.

Quickleads supplies you with these leads at the time the customer is in the market for your services or product, but how you manage these leads is entirely up to you.  A lead generally has a shelf-life of between 5-20 minutes, and if you or your team are on the ball and you respond first, your customer service rating immediately goes up, as does your ability to turn the lead into a sale.

Half the battle is won when you take the live leads your lead package from Quickleads provides you with and act on them immediately, making sure you get in before anyone else can blink an eye!  Visit the Quickleads website to read up on what some of their very satisfied customers have to say about what Quickleads has done for their business, and to find out more about what Quickleads can do to make lead generation a breeze for yours!

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