Any sales lead is only as good as the source of the lead, which is where many small tradesmen get hung up, sitting with hundreds of leads from the wrong source.

Lists this size sound great, but many realise all too quickly that the bulk of these leads are absolutely useless, cold and dead in the water long before contact is made.

Having a long list of leads is always exciting for any small business entrepreneur, but its understanding that the leads have to have enough substance and authenticity to lead to actual sales that really counts.

Home improvement contractors in South Africa are always in demand, no matter how tough the economy.  Homes and businesses need to be maintained and improved in order to retain their value.

Few who’ve invested hard earned money into property will allow it to be neglected, which means that any small tradesman in South Africa acting as any arm in the home improvements sector, will always be in demand.

That being said, the demand has obviously encouraged pretty tough competition among contractors, and the field is open for anyone to increase their sales, provided it is done wisely.

This is based on the fundamental principle that only real-time leads, responded to promptly, will be the formula needed to convert a lead to a sale.

It’s not just a claim plucked out of thin air when Quickleads states that their lead generation system has already generated over 200 000 sales leads for small building contractors in South Africa already.

The proof is clear to see in what clients have to say about the quality of leads received for many years already, clients who would not even consider going anywhere else for quality sales leads at incomparably low costs.

This team has a phenomenal background in setting up websites targeting every industry in the home improvements industry, ranging from solar installations to painting, building and renovations or any of the other 20 plus industries already registered with Quickleads.

The reason this background is essential, is that the team at Quickleads uses this extensive knowledge to save small tradesmen a fortune in online advertising.

They do this by spreading costs across multiple tradesmen in a specific trade, and using a wide variety of online marketing campaigns to drive clients to these websites before they head anywhere else to request quotes.

The technicalities are all beautifully and simply set out on the Quickleads website, making it a user friendly online portal super easy to understand on the way to success.

It costs nothing but a fraction of your time to do a thorough investigation into why Quickleads lead generation system for small tradesmen beats the rest hands down.

Quickleads is not the stuff of gimmicks and thumb sucking. Over seven years’ worth of committed, exhaustive research, as well as continually refining the way leads are gathered from thousands of internet searches for tradesmen hits the sweet spot every time.

These are all the reasons that have made Quickleads the most outstanding tool for anyone wanting to generate turnover like never before.

Quickleads lead bundles are available at a fraction of the cost of setting up bespoke online marketing strategies, which is great news for any small business in stiff competition throughout South Africa, working with tight budgets.

At the tail end of these cost savings, you have real-time, hot live leads arriving via email and SMS, seconds after a quote request form is filled in on any of the many sites owned and managed by Quickleads.

These requests become your leads, and your only job is to pick up your phone and close the deal, while the client is still very much in the mood for spending their cash with you.

Ten minutes too late and your competitor will beat you to the finishing line!

These leads are not sent to another hundred tradesmen in the same industry or area as you, they only go out to a maximum of 3 service providers, which is the Quickleads way of ensuring everyone gets a fair shake at improving their ROI.

Aside from a great ROI as a result of this fair mindedness, clients are also assured of outstanding service, which, as any business owner knows, is the gateway to repeat business that grows and ripples out to new clients and continuing growth.

Quickleads is an opportunity for exceptional growth, without taking you for all you’re worth, or tying you into ridiculous contracts and commitments you’ll be locked into if it doesn’t work for you.

Don’t waste another moment thinking about it, just visit Quickleads or call the very quick, on-the-ball team with any questions you may still have after exploring this phenomenal lead generation system!

There’s little doubt that in a tough economic climate, you’ll have added turnover to answer to all questions once you’ve got your account signed up and active immediately, ready to start receiving the top sales leads for small tradesmen and building contractors in South Africa.

Get ready for real Quickleads excitement that transcends by far, a long list of dud leads that definitely won’t move you towards increasing your turnover any time soon!

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