Whether you’re selling a service or products, the lifeblood of your business is sales leads.  It’s easy to get caught up in spending a large chunk of your budget on advertising, when in fact, really hot sales leads will get you moving forward, without major expense.

As a start-up or small to medium business, the most important thing is to get your name out into the market, and the very best way to do this is to begin making contact with new customers through quality leads.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners overlook the importance of responding quickly to any leads that come in, not realising that this is the first step in great customer service.

With great customer service comes a reputation that will bring even more customers in as those who’ve already come into contact with your company begin recommending your service to everyone.

If this is the premise on which you base getting your service and products into the market place quickly, you’ve already set a great standard for success.

The next step is to make absolutely sure that the leads you are bringing in are actionable.  If the lead is cold by the time your sales team gets moving on it, you’ve more than likely lost a sale.

If you’re relying solely on enquiries generated on your website, its best you know that it could take anywhere between two to three years for your company name to start ranking on search engines.

No matter how much money you’ve sunk into online marketing, it’s still a slow process, leaving you out in the cold when you need the leads most of all.

Investing in hot, real-time leads is the best way to go, and the least expensive!  You’ll have fresh leads to move on immediately, catching customers while they’re still in a buying frame of mind.

Quickleads has developed lead packages to suit every budget, giving small tradesmen in South Africa the opportunity to gain a ton of exposure, without the enormous cost of tailored online marketing campaigns.

What does Quickleads do for you?

Here’s the bottom line, short and sweet:

  • The team will set up a website that relates to your trade.
  • Using extensive online marketing experience, Quickleads creates various marketing techniques to drive consumers looking for your service to these websites.
  • The contact forms filled in by potential customers on these targeted websites are processed immediately by Quickleads, sorted through to remove dud leads, and instantly sent to you. These hot, real-time leads come to you via email and SMS, so that no matter where you are, you’ll be able to act on them quickly.
  • Quickleads offers lead bundles that range from Starter Lead Packages to Bulk Lead Packages. These lead packages have already helped many loyal customers to grow their businesses over the course of six years, without spending a fortune!

Quickleads has the integrity to ensure that the leads any tradesman receives are the real deal, living up to their commitment to help small businesses grow.

The exceptional growth of the lead generation system designed by Quickleads is a direct result of the success their customers have experienced over the years.

This means that you’ll be dealing with a lead generation company that measures its own success by yours, and one that’ll treat the quality of leads you receive as a number one priority.

The team at Quickleads puts their money where their mouth is by showing a real-time example of how leads come in on their website, a testimony to the faith they have in their lead generation system!

Check it out for yourself, before you go spending a fortune on unnecessary tailored online marketing campaigns!

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