Lead generation is an area of any business that needs careful attention, but what if there was a way of getting real new leads without all the time and effort you need to put in? That’s what we do for you at Quickleads, and we have many satisfied clients who use our services on a regular basis. We operate for businesses across South Africa, and we are confident you will find our prices to be fair and competitive. Indeed, we reckon that your first few leads will pay for your investment.

You have a choice of two packages: we offer a pre-paid lead system that is very popular, for example. With this deal, you pay us for a bundle of leads – 25, 50 0r 100 – to be delivered across a set period of time, and we guarantee that you will receive that many as requested. However, for value for money, we recommend you take our month to month option. This way, you sign up for, say, 50 leads a month, and we guarantee that you will get at least that many, possibly more, with the extras at no additional cost.

Quickleads can help with many different areas of industry; we gather leads in air conditioning, carpets and flooring, construction and blinds, to name but a few, and we ask you to contact us if you do not see your particular industry on the website and we will see if we can help. We offer unrivalled expertise in online marketing, and we send you any enquiries we get straight away, so you can reply as soon as possible. As a proven and successful service we are happy to offer you a free trial, so you really do have nothing to lose by signing up for the Quickleads solution.

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