Finding leads is part of running a business, but finding quality, genuine leads can be a chore. All that time spent chasing business that turns out to be nothing of the sort can be costly, so what you need is the Quickleads solution. Who are we, and what do we offer? Quickleads are experts in online marketing, and we get you leads by using clever techniques to drive traffic to carefully constructed websites operated by us. The potential customer then fills in an online enquiry form, and we send the enquiry to you.

Now, to be fair, with our pre-paid leads package we send the lead to as many as four service providers in your area, so you know you will be competing with direct rivals. The trick is for you to get straight back to them – we send you the lead instantly, when it is fresh, by email or SMS – so that you stand the best chance of getting the business, and also to give them your genuine best price in the first instance. Customers like to seal a deal quickly, safe in the knowledge they are getting a good deal, and Quickleads likes to reassure them that they will get exactly that.

What does the Quickleads package cost? With our pre-paid package you pay up front for a chosen number of leads; these could be sent to you over a given time period, and we offer a range of options. We also reckon that, with your first few successful leads, you will have paid for the rest of them! At Quickleads we are proud of our reputation for excellent service and successful results, and we have many clients across South Africa, so why not check us out further, and see just how we can help with your lead generation problems.

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