Most businesses rely on the use of emails in order to respond to queries from potential customers and those with a strong online presence are especially open to loss of sales due to a slow and ineffective response rate to online requests for quotes.  Quickleads gathers information based on the online activity of buyers in search of various services and products, which means that the company who responds to customers in the fastest time is more likely to catch the customer while they are still in the buying mood.

Using a variety of online marketing strategies and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO’s), the team at Quickleads is able to supply you with fresh real-time leads aimed at your specific services and products and are committed to never sending leads to more than 3 other competitors in your industry, offering your company the opportunity to take first place by being the first to respond.

In a fast-paced generation driven to purchasing products and services online, a slow response or no response at all from a sales team is immediately translated into a loss of sales opportunities. The faster your team responds, the higher the percentage of turning leads into sales and moving ahead of the competition.

Quickleads offers various packages to suit your business requirements on our website, and while lead packages vary in price, choosing a bigger package costs less in the long run and offers you many more opportunities to turn leads into sales.

We capture ‘request a quote’ details from potential buyers who visit websites that we either manage or operate and the leads generated by this system are then passed on to your sales team via email or sms, from there it is up to your team to turn leads into sales with a fast turnaround time on enquiries.

The team at Quickleads has streamlined the process of purchasing the lead generation package you have selected with the option either to buy online or via EFT payment. Please visit our user-friendly to explore the packages we offer or contact our sales team via the online form on the site.

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