There is so much to focus on when you are starting your own business, or trying to grow a small to medium business, that you may sometimes feel as if you are wading through deep mud, at snail’s pace; making sure you have the right premises and staff, that your products or services are up to scratch, and a million other little details that add up to the whole of what you would like to present to the marketplace.

Of course, aside from all these details, you need to figure out how to spread the word, how to get your name out there so that everything you have invested in starting your life as an entrepreneur is going to result in positive returns, and eventually, a nice profit margin.

Flyers just don’t cut it anymore, and print media is prohibitively expensive for most start-ups and small to medium size businesses, while digital and online marketing tailored to suit the specifics of your services or products on offer are going to be even higher up on the prohibitively expensive scale, so, what to do?

Purchase a lead package from the experts at Quickleads that suits your budget perfectly and get ready to act on the leads your package will generate – it’s as simple as that!

Essentially, what the team at Quickleads does is to use their extensive experience in online marketing to set up websites related to the industry you serve, and then apply their knowledge to drive consumers to these websites, where they fill in contact forms to make their quote requests.

Quickleads has already set up websites that cover a massive range of services which include everything from painting to debt counselling, laminate flooring to air conditioning, building renovations, solar power, swimming pools, electric fencing and so much more, and, if they don’t yet list your service on the Quickleads system, you are welcome to contact the team and they will see what they can do to generate leads for you and add your industry to their website.

You don’t have to do anything but decide on which lead package suits your budget and requirements best; if you are just starting out you may want to begin with the Quickleads Starter Lead package, or, if you are ready to cash in on the big leagues, and pay less per lead according to the amount of leads you would like to receive, the Bulk Lead package will be ideal for you.

Quickleads allows you the freedom to focus on other aspects of establishing and growing your business while they do the hard work in the background in terms of online marketing campaigns targeted at your industry, minus the huge start-up costs!

The moment you sign up for your Quickleads package, lead generation begins; when a customer enquires about your service, Quickleads very quickly (pardon the pun!) sifts the good from the bad to deliver hot leads to you instantly, via email and SMS, just to make sure you don’t miss out on the lead!

Quickleads has been helping businesses grow in South Africa for over six years now, and with the growth their customers have enjoyed, Quickleads keeps growing, offering lead packages that don’t cost a fortune, lock you into contracts or commitments – it’s a straightforward, simple solution to lead generation for any small to medium business ready for maximum growth!

Check out the Quickleads homepage, the 25 examples of actual live leads that keep coming through will be more than enough to pique your interest and make your decision to join other successful Quickleads customers a no brainer!

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