If you’re a small building contractor or home improvements contractor, you owe it to yourself to explore the awesome possibilities for growth that come with owning the best lead packages in South Africa courtesy of Quickleads.

The question that started it all

The team behind the scenes at Quickleads put their heads together to find a way to help small to medium sized businesses to grow, without forcing them to fork out small fortunes on bespoke online marketing campaigns.

Quickleads is born

Based on their experience as online marketing fundi’s, Quickleads was born, revolutionising online marketing for business owners who were caught in a cycle of paying for wasted views and clicks on their websites.

…and paying for actual enquiries began!

Every lead you receive from Quickleads is hot off the press, ready for conversion. Guaranteed and affordable lead packages from this team have become the lifeblood for thousands of small building contractors and home improvements contractors in South Africa, with this team generating in the region of 200 000 leads thus far!

How do they generate the leads?

That’s easy. This team sets up websites that cover each of the industries they represent, and use their considerable expertise in Search Engine Optimisation to drive people to these websites to request quotes.

These quote requests then become your very valuable leads, delivered to you while the potential customers are still in the mood for spending their money with you!

What do you have to do?

Aside from the easy sign-up for an account, requesting an invoice and choosing any of the simple payment methods available from Quickleads, your only job is to move on the lead as speedily as possible to seal the deal, before the lead goes cold.

The short shelf life of leads

It’s essential to get back to anyone requesting a quote as quickly as possible, so that they don’t lose their appetite for investing in your services before then.  It also improves your customer service rating exponentially, which, as you know, is about the best free advertising possible!

Share leads with only 2 competitors

Instead of having to fight your way through many competitors in the marketplace, you’ll only have to beat two of them to the finishing line with a Quickleads package!

One credit = 1 Fresh lead!

A quick look at costs involved in a lead package from Quickleads will immediately show you the kind of savings you’ll be making by not throwing your money at a bespoke online marketing campaign.

The number of credits you pay for equals the number of leads you get, depending on the package you invest in. Costs per credit decrease as the size of package increases, so, for instance, if you pay R 75 for a credit in the Starter Package, by the time you get to the Bulk Package, you’ll only be paying R 65 per credit.

Each credit represents a bona fide, actionable lead, which sets you firmly on the road to growing your business a lot faster than you may have planned!

Get started today!

Create your account today, completely hassle-free and obligation-free, with no long-term commitments thrown in to complicate this simple system of receiving high quality leads, at high speed and at fantastic prices!



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