How does a 58% increase in customers and 84% increase in repeat customers sound to you? Pie in the sky? Nope, it can become a reality for you as a Home Improvement contractor in South Africa!

But how? As small to medium Home Improvement contractors know full well, the market place for building and home renovations is, in general, an industry that will always be in demand, and because of this the competition is tough, to say the least.

The only way to stand head above shoulders of your competitors has, until now, been very expensive, especially since online marketing has reared it’s very attractive head.

To answer the how of it, the super-hot team of techies at Quickleads rolled up their sleeves and created a system of lead generation that has brought nothing but growth and success for their long-term customers, at prices for credits that will barely make a dent in the budget of any business.

They’ve taken expensive advertising right out of the equation, and, using their knowledge and experience of online marketing, they’ve completely cut out the need for bespoke online marketing for small to medium businesses.

Here are the basics of how the crew at Quickleads makes sourcing quality, real-time leads a completely hassle-free process that won’t break the bank.

Quickleads owns or manages ‘quote requests’ websites

Quote requests websites are sites that have been created by Quickleads to cater to the various trades in the home improvements industry. Using a variety of online marketing tools, Quickleads is able to drive customers to a website that relates to the service or product they’re looking for.

The 3 quote system

Virtually everyone looking for a quote in any home improvements trade is looking for 3 quotes, which is a practice that keeps any tradesman on his or her feet in terms of not wasting any time in responding to quote requests, since these requests are what lead generation is all about.

How many leads are sent to competitors?

Herein lies the rub. Quickleads only sends the same leads to a maximum of 3 companies in your industry and area, which is when responding quickly to these leads will keep you out in front of everyone else.

Leads delivered within seconds of being received by Quickleads

Along with the need for speed in getting your leads to you, Quickleads also makes sure that you’re not stuck with dud leads that go nowhere. These are fresh off the press leads waiting to be converted into sales on the back of your response.

Use credits to buy leads

The system of choosing the right lead package is one that gives any business the option of taking baby steps from the starter lead package to the giant strides the bulk lead package represents.

Of course, as with anything else in business, the more credits you buy, the cheaper each one becomes!

As for working harder than need be to bring in leads?

If you’ve been burning the midnight oil against all odds to bring in leads that’ll probably go anywhere, then no doubt the Quickleads hassle-free approach to sourcing quality leads will be music to your ears!

Contact Quickleads today to move your home improvements company into the spotlight, without spending a fortune.


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