Take charge and make sure that your sales team provides a fast turnaround time on sales leads and enquiries, making it a priority to respond in the short period of time that a lead is still live in order to corner the market in your industry for responding to clients who are still in the mood to purchase the products or services you offer.

If you have ever wondered what it is that happens to many leads that seem so promising and end nowhere, research has indicated that most sales are lost as a result of a response to a query that is too slow or is not followed up at all.  Because a major percentage of shoppers now do their research and enquiries online, it has become essential business practice to ensure that once your company has been contacted, your sales team goes into action immediately to stand the best chance of turning a lead into a sale.

Quickleads has taken all the effort out of the constant drive to find fresh leads by providing hot-off-the-press sales leads through our system which captures requests for quotes by customers looking for services and products online that are directed to websites owned or managed by our team.

The team at Quickleads are able to generate over 3500 leads each month with more than 25 000 unique page views through our network of ‘Quote Requests Websites’, and with over 6 years in the industry, we have provided our clients with access to thousands of people who search online daily for products and services related to your industry.

For an effective, affordable solution for turning fresh leads into sales, contact Quickleads to provide you with a lead generation package which will be the perfect fit for your business, big or small, across a wide range of industries and services.

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