All types of business face stiff competition in the South African market, and at Quickleads we know how that feels! That’s why we offer a lead generation solution that really works, one where we can provide you with fresh, genuine leads that you can rely on. With many satisfied clients across the country, in a variety of different areas of business, we are proud of a reputation for excellent service and driven results, and we have priced our solution sensibly, so we believe you will pay for the month with your first few lead conversions.

So, how does it work? Quickleads offers two packages – pre-paid, and month to month. The pre-paid service is great for when you need to get some fresh leads in on an ad-hoc basis; you simply enter your details in our online shop – you’ll find a wealth of different industries there – and tell us how many leads you want, and then pay for them. We will send you fresh leads as soon as we get them. The month to month package operates in a different fashion: you sign up with us, request a set amount of leads per month, and we do the rest!

How do we find leads? As experts in online marketing we know how to send potential clients to websites that we have created and managed, and when there, they fill in a simple online enquiry form. We then forward that enquiry – instantly, by SMS or email – to as many as four service providers (you among them, of course) and the rest is up to you. Respond quickly, and you are potentially converting a live lead into actual business. Quickleads is confident that we can help you increase your business, so why not check is out further and we’ll show you how we can help.

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