If you are, then Quickleads has the perfect solution for you, a solution that’s cost effective and right on the mark for any small building contractor, in terms of receiving only cream of the crop leads.

South Africa is the land for entrepreneurs, and in general, smaller tradesmen battle to spend extravagant amounts of money on advertising and online marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, if you do want your business to get off the ground, advertising is a necessary evil, at least until you’ve established yourself enough to do well on recommendations from previous customers.

The first thing you’ll probably do towards getting your name out into the market, would be to create a website that’ll do justice to your business.

To rank at all on search engines could cost a small fortune in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which is the only way to get people to notice you.

This is essential if you want to be found on search engines like Google. If you can’t be found there, no one will be knocking on your door.

So, you’re already looking at a major chunk of change just to get noticed, if you’re lucky.  Your website isn’t going to get you enough bites to build or sustain your business, not by any means, without online marketing and SEO.

This is exactly why Quickleads decided to tackle the online marketing industry 7 years ago. They’ve successfully turned the industry as a whole on its head, developing a unique approach to assisting smaller home improvement contractors to grow their businesses, without breaking the bank.

Budgets are shrinking, but competition keeps growing in an economy fertile for tradesmen who’re striking out on their own, with high unemployment rates breathing down their necks and shrinking the job market.

The time any home improvements contractor has to spend on generating his own leads is expensive. Any tradesman reaching for success should be able to spend more time on the ground plying a specific trade, than on chasing up leads.

Leads don’t last long.  Any live online lead has a shelf-life of anywhere between 5 minutes to half an hour, and if you can’t move on it from wherever you are, your competition is going to scoop it.

Quickleads circumvents all of this, sending you live leads instantly that are hot off the press.  If you’re out on a project, you’ll receive your leads via email and SMS.

No matter where you are, you’ll be able to respond to the lead to make sure you’re the one to convert it successfully.

A lead package from Quickleads gives you the time to focus on other areas of growing your business, adding a couple of hours to your day in which to get your quotes out, without having to spend valuable time drumming up those leads.

If you do general home improvements and building, you can spread yourself across any amount of industries that pertain to the services you’re able to offer, as well as selecting multiple areas you’re able to cover, so that customers can find you easily.

There’s no doubt about it; home improvement contractors leads have never been more accessible than they are via Quickleads, as many a customer will confirm.

To add even more awesomeness to a lead generation system that’s constantly being tweaked, to make the lives of small tradesmen easier, Quickleads has added a Home Improvement Hub to their website.

Customers are able to use the Home Improvement Hub to find you in their area, and it’s as easy to use for customers as it is for home improvement contractors to use the Quickleads portal.

Without getting into any of the technicalities of how the experienced team at Quickleads works their magic, take yourself to the live leads on display on their website.

This page alone speaks volumes about what you can look forward to once you sign up for your chosen lead package.

Don’t worry about being tied up in contracts and commitments you can never escape from, it doesn’t work that way for the team at Quickleads.

Just create your account today to gain instant access to high quality leads that’ll save you time and money on the road to success!

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