Can it really be that easy? Absolutely yes!

Will you be trapped into contracts and commitments impossible to get out of if you need to? No, not if you have the Quickleads team on your side.

Let’s look at just how easy it is to have real time, quality leads delivered to you via email and SMS, while buyers are still in the market for your services and are itching to spend their budget with you:

  1. Create your account.

Yes, it’s that easy! No fuss, no hoops to jump through or a million questions to answer.  The lead bundles generated for small tradesmen by Quickleads are designed to make it easy for you to receive qualified leads as instantly as online quote request forms are filled in on many websites designed to service your particular trade, websites that are set up for you according to your industry.

These websites are owned and managed by the team at Quickleads, and, using their many years’ worth of experience in online marketing, they know exactly how to put your name out on search engines, front and centre!

Oh, and the payment options are also super-easy; what a pleasure!

  1. Buy your lead bundle:

Once you have created your account, you get to the bit where you choose the lead bundle that suits you. A word to the wise here; the bigger the package, the cheaper it becomes to have quality leads delivered to you instantly, and this is not sales talk!

You have the option to choose from the starter to the basic package, on to the standard and bulk lead bundles – you can always up your bundle once you have experienced the full impact that sales leads from Quickleads can make on the growth of your business.

If you are just starting a small business, a lead package from Quickleads is going to take you much further, much faster than spending a fortune on bespoke online marketing campaigns, and it starts from the day you buy your lead bundle.

  1. Choose any combination of industries and areas:

Before we go any further, you need to know that you have absolute control over your account.  If, for instance, you are installing palisade fencing (which is just one of the many trades listed with Quickleads), you can list yourself under palisade fencing, fencing and security, or more.

This is one of the tricks you can use to make sure that your business is spread as far and wide as possible across trade sector.

You add the areas in which you operate, making it easy for potential customers to find your services in their area without any hassle, include your contact details, and update them anytime, anywhere by logging in to your online portal.

The total control you have over your sales lead bundle means that you are able to change areas and industries, as well as pause or resume your account on the go, wherever you are.

The last word:

Take the Quickleads tour, check out the 25 live leads that continually change as you refresh the website, and trades listed; these points alone will be enough to get you excited enough to take the first of these three steps to real time, quality sales leads for small tradesmen.

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