How Quickleads Works

Why so many businesses rely on Quickleads to keep them busy

Generating that valuable sales lead

We use clever online marketing techniques to drive people to high-traffic industry websites that we own and manage. We get these visitors (who are interested in your service/product) to complete a “request a quote” form.

Leads are distributed immediately

The minute we capture a lead we send it to a maximum of 4 providers who compete for the business. We price our leads so that you only have to close one or two deals to get a positive ROI.

Fast response is key

You receive the lead in your inbox and contact the customer straight away to offer pricing and more information. Your fast response time knocks the socks off the potential customer and the chances of you getting the sale are high.

Take the customer through the sales cycle

The conversation goes back and forth a few times between yourself and the potential customer until such time as the customer is ready to place their order. Sales cycles vary from industry to industry and it is important to stay in touch and be responsive until the potential customer is ready to make their buying decision.

Going in for the kill

The customer decides to place their order with you. You make a whole lot of money out of the deal and you have now paid for your leads for the next few months. Every deal that follows is money in your pocket. Life couldn’t be simpler – Quickleads means you have business on tap.

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