Whether you’re already up and running, with a great reputation for superb workmanship in your given trade in the building industry, or are planning to start a small business, Quickleads is the answer to the eternal quest for good, solid sales leads.

Quickleads delivers a service that has already seen many small to medium tradesmen increase turnover like never before, and this is no sales spiel!

In our technological age, it’s still very important that you have a website that gives you a good window on the web, however, what you won’t need is the high price placed on online marketing campaigns once you invest in lead packages from Quickleads.

What the team at Quickleads does is to open the door to exceptionally well-priced sales leads for the small building contractor, without a fuss and without wasting precious time!

This is all due to the fact that the team are true online marketing fundi’s, which, in addition to the fact that they set up, own and manage websites which represent 29 trades, a combination that exposes you to the best in marketing, without spending a fortune or spending time you can’t afford in sourcing your own leads.

Naturally, the kind of leads that come from your reputation are almost always already in the bag, so to speak, but, often the rest are cold by the time you’re able to get to them.

This is where Quickleads steps in and takes care of it all for you, serving up solid, fresh, real-time leads that are ready to act on.

There are only three things you need to do to access fresh leads on the go:

  • Sign up for a Quickleads account online, hassle-free
  • Request an invoice based on the lead package you settle on, and,
  • most importantly – respond to the leads you receive at the speed of lightning!

Why rush to respond to leads?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a lead only has a shelf-life of anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour or two, which is why, beating the competition to the winning post is going to take a serious commitment to a quick response on your part!

Your competition

Quickleads believes in making sure that all their clients stand a fair chance of receiving their quality leads and allowing them to enjoy an above-average ROI, which is why these leads are only sent to at most 3 providers of your service, hence the need for a quick response!

It’s all instantaneous!

Succinctly put, the moment Quickleads receives a quote request pertinent to your trade, the lead will arrive via email and SMS, in readiness for you to close the deal, 24/7.

Success for Quickleads hinges on your success!

This has always been the approach at Quickleads, which means that you’ll have a team on your side that’ll work tirelessly for you, so that you grow and increase turnover, which is the secret to the success this team has enjoyed over the years in the lead generation sector.

Contact Quickleads today to get up and running with the hottest, freshest sales leads for small building contractors in South Africa!


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