How To Order

How to get started with Quickleads

Super Simple! Just Create an Account and Request and Invoice – complete the get registration form

Simply create your free account using this link: Once you’ve done that, visit the invoices page, click on one of the buttons near the top of the page to request your invoice. Once you’ve requested the invoice, it should show up in your invoices list. From here you can either download it to pay it with EFT or Direct Deposit, or pay if via PayFast.

Lead Delivery

When will you get your leads:
All of our leads are fresh, real-time leads which means we deliver them to you (your sales team) via email and sms as and when they are captured. Depending on the flow of leads, a package of 25 leads for example, can be delivered over a week, 2 weeks or a month. On average, you can expect between 1 and 3 leads per day if you have only 1 industry, and choose only 1 area. We give an indication of the delivery time on the product page for each lead package.

Can I get more leads, faster?:
If you want to get more leads, the best way to do so is to select more than one area in which you can service leads. If you are in Gauteng for example, you might want to select all the Municipalities of Gauteng to increase the flow of leads. Alternatively, you can also tell us to add you on to another industry. If for example you are a security company, we can sign you up for CCTV, Electric Fencing and Alarm Systems. This will also increase the flow of leads.

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