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In Business Since 2009

Quickleads started out as a lead generation company for the solar geyser industry in South Africa and since then we have branched out into a lot more industries, with more and more industries going live every month. Some of our customers have been purchasing leads from us every month for the past 6 years.


Google Partner

Due to our extensive use and training on the Google AdWords platform, we have achieved Google Partner status. This means we get direct help from Google with our advertising campaigns when needed.

Problem Solvers

Quickleads removes the risks with entire online marketing process by selling businesses the end result – a sales lead for a set price.

We Designed A System For You

Due to the ever increasing number of customers we have, we decided to recreate our underlying lead distribution system from scratch. We designed this system so that you could get the most out of our service by logging in and managing your account at any time, from anywhere!

Our Story

Quickleads started out as a lead generation company for the solar geyser industry in the form of Solar Crystal (a site we still operate to this day). When we started adding new industries, we changed our name to UnderTheTable to signify our office’s location under Table Mountain. We started getting more and more requests from customers to build websites for them, and as a result we decided to split the business, one with a dedicated focus on Lead Generation (Quickleads) and the other with a focus on bespoke marketing and websites for customers (Launchsite). While we still share the same offices, we now run as seperate entities, to allow us each to give 100% focus to our primary goals.

  • Mobile Sales 73% 73%
  • Website Traffic 52% 52%
  • Conversion Rate 36% 36%
  • Active Customers 58% 58%
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